Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spiral Hemp Bracelet Instructions

If you're just now starting out making hemp jewelry, one of the first knots you will want to learn is the Half Knot. This knot is the one you use to create spiral or twisted bracelets and necklaces.

The half knot is very simple to tie so you should have no problems with it. But to get started you will first need to cut your hemp. You will need 2 different strands of hemp, one to use as your center strands and the other to tie the actual knots with.

For a bracelet, measure around your wrist. Your central cord needs to be about 3 times as long as this measurement.

Your knot tying cord will need to be 1 foot for every inch that you measured around your wrist. This means if you measured your wrist as 8 inches around, then you will need an 8 foot cord.

Now that your hemp cords have been cut, let's begin!

1)First you will want to fold your central cord in half and place it on the center of the knot tying cord, with the central cord sticking up about 1 and a half inches above the knot tying cord.

2)Now you have a left and right side to your knot tying cord. Take the left side over the center cord

3)Take the right cord down over the left cord

4)Take the right cord behind the central cord and up through the loop that the left cord created.

5)Pull the cords tight.

You have now tied the Half Knot. To finish the bracelet, just keep repeating these steps starting with step 2 until your bracelet is the length that you want.

Once your bracelet is the length that you want, just tie all of the strands together with an overhand knot and cut the extra hemp off.

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